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Our Services
We Are the most Reliable and Affordable Platform to Buy Cheap Data Bundles and Airtime Topup of any Nigerian Network.
We offer the best price rates for Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo data plans.
Connect to us for your DSTV, GoTV and Startimes subscriptions. Electricity bill payment is also available.
Our Api make use of a single api node to access all our robot services.

Our Plans
Retailers Fund their Wallets with any Amount and enjoy good data Bundles and Airtime rates.
Reseller funds their wallets with minimum of N5,000 and buy data bundles and airtime with cheap rates.
Super-Resellers fund their wallets with minimum of N30,000 to enjoy cheaper mtn data bundles and other services at reduced prices.

Price List
Bundles Customer Agent Super Agent
MTN VTU vtu [N] N1.00 N2.00 N2.00
MTN 500MB (SME) data [N200.00] N150.00 N140.00 N140.00
MTN 1GB (SME) data [N300.00] N260.00 N240.00 N230.00
MTN 2GB (SME) data [N600.00] N520.00 N480.00 N460.00
MTN 3GB (SME) data [N900.00] N780.00 N720.00 N690.00
MTN 5GB (SME) data [N1500.00] N1300.00 N1200.00 N1150.00
MTN 6GB (Direct) data [N2500.00] N2500.00 N2450.00 N2425.00
MTN 10GB (Direct) data [N3000.00] N2950.00 N2925.00 N2910.00
MTN 12GB (Direct) data [N3500.00] N3450.00 N3420.00 N3395.00
MTN 20GB (Direct) data [N5000.00] N5000.00 N4900.00 N4850.00
MTN 40GB (Direct) data [N10000.00] N9800.00 N9750.00 N9700.00
MTN 75GB (Direct) data [N15000.00] N14800.00 N14700.00 N14550.00
MTN 120GB (Direct) data [N20000.00] N19800.00 N19600.00 N19400.00
MTN 200GB (Direct) data [N30000.00] N30000.00 N30000.00 N30000.00
N100 MTN Awuf(N500) vtu [N100.00] N100.00 N100.00 N100.00
N200 MTN Awuf(N1000) vtu [N200.00] N200.00 N200.00 N200.00
N300 MTN Awuf(N1500) vtu [N300.00] N300.00 N300.00 N300.00
N500 MTN Awuf(N2500) vtu [N500.00] N500.00 N500.00 N500.00
N1000 MTN Awuf(N5000) vtu [N1000.00] N1000.00 N1000.00 N1000.00
N2000 MTN Awuf(N10000) vtu [N2000.00] N2000.00 N2000.00 N2000.00
N5000 MTN Awuf(N250000) vtu [N5000.00] N5000.00 N5000.00 N5000.00
MTN MOMO N100 data [N100.00] N100.00 N100.00 N100.00
MTN MOMO N200 data [N200.00] N200.00 N200.00 N200.00
MTN MOMO N300 data [N300.00] N300.00 N300.00 N300.00
MTN MOMO N400 data [N400.00] N400.00 N400.00 N400.00
MTN MOMO N500 data [N500.00] N500.00 N500.00 N500.00
MTN MOMO N1000 data [N1000.00] N1000.00 N1000.00 N1000.00
N100 MTN GaraBasa(N800) vtu [N100.00] N100.00 N100.00 N100.00
N200 MTN Garabasa(N1600) vtu [N200.00] N200.00 N200.00 N200.00
N300 MTN GaraBasa(N2400) vtu [N300.00] N300.00 N300.00 N300.00
N400 MTN GaraBasa(N3200) vtu [N400.00] N400.00 N400.00 N400.00
N500 MTN GaraBasa(N4000) vtu [N500.00] N500.00 N500.00 N500.00
N1000 MTN GaraBasa(N8000) vtu [N1000.00] N1000.00 N1000.00 N1000.00
N2000 MTN GaraBasa(N16000) vtu [N2000.00] N2000.00 N2000.00 N2000.00
N5000 MTN GaraBasa(N40000) vtu [N5000.00] N5000.00 N5000.00 N5000.00
9Mobile 500MB - 30 Days data [N500.00] N480.00 N475.00 N465.00
9Mobile ETOP vtu [N] N N3.00 N4.00
9Mobile 1GB - 7 Days + Free WhatsApp data [N500.00] N480.00 N475.00 N465.00
9Mobile 1.5GB - 30 Days data [N1000.00] N970.00 N950.00 N930.00
9Mobile 2GB - 30 Days data [N1200.00] N1150.00 N1150.00 N1120.00
9Mobile 3GB + Free Night Streaming data [N1500.00] N1450.00 N1425.00 N1395.00
9Mobile 7GB - 7 Days + Free WhatsApp data [N1500.00] N1450.00 N1425.00 N1400.00
9Mobile 4.5GB + Free Night Streaming data [N2000.00] N1950.00 N1900.00 N1860.00
9Mobile 11GB + Free Night Streaming data [N3900.00] N3850.00 N3800.00 N3720.00
9Mobile 15GB + Free Night Streaming data [N4900.00] N4800.00 N4750.00 N4650.00
9Mobile 40GB + Free Night Streaming data [N9800.00] N9700.00 N9500.00 N9300.00
9Mobile 75GB + Free Night Streaming(Monthly) data [N14500.00] N14500.00 N14250.00 N13950.00
9Mobile 75GB + Free Night Streaming(Quarterly) data [N24000.00] N24000.00 N23750.00 N23500.00
9Mobile 165GB + Free Night Streaming(Bi-Annual) data [N48000.00] N47500.00 N47000.00 N47000.00
9Mobile 365GB + Free Night Streaming(Annual) data [N96000.00] N96000.00 N95500.00 N95000.00
GLO ETOP vtu [N] N1.00 N3.00 N4.00
GLO 800MB +550MB(Night} 2 WEEKS data [N500.00] N480.00 N470.00 N450.00
GLO 1.9GB +2GB(Night) = 3.9gb data [N1000.00] N960.00 N950.00 N940.00
GLO 3.5GB +4GB(Night) = 7.5GB data [N1500.00] N1450.00 N1425.00 N1410.00
GLO 5.2GB +4GB(Night) = 9.2GB data [N2000.00] N1920.00 N1900.00 N1880.00
GLO 6.8GB +4GB(Night} = 10.8GB data [N2400.00] N2400.00 N2375.00 N2350.00
GLO 10.0GB +4GB(Night) = 14GB data [N2900.00] N2880.00 N2850.00 N2820.00
GLO 14GB +4GB(Night} =18GB data [N3900.00] N3840.00 N3800.00 N3760.00
GLO 20GB +4GB(Night} = 24GB data [N4800.00] N4800.00 N4750.00 N4700.00
GLO 27.5GB +2GB(Night) =29.5GB data [N7800.00] N7700.00 N7600.00 N7520.00
GLO 46GB +4GB(Night) =50GB data [N9800.00] N9600.00 N9500.00 N9400.00
GLO 86GB +7GB(Night) =93gb data [N14500.00] N14400.00 N14250.00 N14100.00
GLO 109GB +10GB(Night) = 119GB data [N17500.00] N17280.00 N17100.00 N16920.00
GLO 126GB +12GB(Night) = 138GB data [N19500.00] N19000.00 N19000.00 N18800.00
Airtel ERC vtu [N] N1.00 N2.00 N2.00
AIRTEL 750MB (14Days) data [N500.00] N500.00 N485.00 N485.00
AIRTEL 1.5GB data [N1000.00] N980.00 N975.00 N970.00
AIRTEL 2.0GB data [N1200.00] N1180.00 N1170.00 N1165.00
AIRTEL 3.0GB data [N1500.00] N1480.00 N1465.00 N1455.00
AIRTEL 4.5GB data [N2000.00] N2000.00 N1950.00 N1940.00
AIRTEL 6.0GB data [N2500.00] N2450.00 N2440.00 N2425.00
AIRTEL 10.0GB data [N3000.00] N2950.00 N2930.00 N2910.00
AIRTEL 11.0GB data [N4000.00] N3950.00 N3900.00 N3880.00
AIRTEL 20GB(+2Gb :1am-7am) data [N5000.00] N4900.00 N4850.00 N4850.00
AIRTEL 40.0GB data [N10000.00] N9800.00 N9750.00 N9700.00
AIRTEL 75.0GB data [N15000.00] N14700.00 N14600.00 N14550.00
AIRTEL 110.0GB data [N20000.00] N19700.00 N19500.00 N19400.00
AIRTEL MegaData 500MB data [N200.00] N200.00 N170.00 N150.00
AIRTEL MegaData 1GB data [N300.00] N300.00 N280.00 N260.00
AIRTEL MegaData 2GB data [N600.00] N600.00 N560.00 N520.00
AIRTEL MegaData 5GB data [N1500.00] N1500.00 N1400.00 N1300.00
GOTV Smallie paytv [N1000.00] N1000.00 N900.00 N900.00
GOTV Jinja paytv [N2000.00] N2000.00 N1900.00 N1900.00
GOTV Jolli paytv [N2900.00] N2850.00 N2800.00 N2800.00
GOTV Max paytv [N4200.00] N4200.00 N4150.00 N4150.00
GOTV Supa paytv [N5500.00] N5500.00 N5500.00 N5500.00
DSTV Premium paytv [N21000.00] N21000.00 N21000.00 N21000.00
DSTV Compact Plus paytv [N14250.00] N14250.00 N14250.00 N14250.00
DSTV Compact paytv [N9000.00] N9000.00 N9000.00 N9000.00
DSTV Confam paytv [N5300.00] N5300.00 N5300.00 N5300.00
DSTV Yanga paytv [N3000.00] N3000.00 N2950.00 N2950.00
DSTV Padi paytv [N2200.00] N2200.00 N2150.00 N2150.00
DSTV Compact +Xview paytv [N11900.00] N11900.00 N11900.00 N11900.00
DSTV Compact Plus +Xview paytv [N17150.00] N17150.00 N17150.00 N17150.00
DSTV Premium +Xview paytv [N23900.00] N23900.00 N23900.00 N23900.00
Startimes Nova paytv [N950.00] N950.00 N920.00 N900.00
Startimes Basic paytv [N1900.00] N1900.00 N1850.00 N1850.00
Startimes Smart paytv [N2700.00] N2700.00 N2600.00 N2600.00
Startimes Classic paytv [N2800.00] N2800.00 N2750.00 N2750.00
Startimes Super paytv [N5000.00] N5000.00 N4900.00 N4900.00
Startimes Chinese paytv [N7800.00] N7800.00 N7800.00 N7800.00